Frequently Asked Questions


1If my proposal does not target populations in low-and middle-income countries, but addresses those diseases mentioned in the RFP, am I eligible to apply?
No. Proposals must seek to reduce the burden of disease in populations living in the world’s poorest nations.
2Are Korea-based subsidiaries considered as eligible Korean entities and organizations?
Yes. As long as your organization is a legal business entity registered and has R&D facilities in Korea.
3How do you define an eligible entity?
Eligible entities include academic institutions, public and private research organizations, non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, or other recognized institution capable of supporting the proposed activities and administering grants and are legally established in accordance to the law of their countries.
4Do I need any specific academic qualifications to apply?
No. Our Request for Proposals is open to everyone regardless of age or academic qualifications. However, the project lead and team must have the necessary qualifications and skills to carry out the proposed activities of the innovation.
5Do I need a collaborator?
Please refer to the eligibility criteria stipulated in each call for proposals.
  • Applicants from Korea:
    It is not mandatory for applicants to have a collaborator outside of Korea at the time of proposal submission. However, there should be a good partnering plan in place for the proposed project and/or for patient access to the results of the project.
  • Applicants from other countries:
    The Fund requires applicants outside of Korea to have at least one Korean-based collaborator.
6Can the grant be used to support specific technology development that is already underway (i.e., development of new technology platforms) and will proposals for basic research be considered?
Eligible projects and development stages are described in each Request for Proposal.

Application and Review Process

1What types of awards are available from the RIGHT Fund?
There are two types of awards at the moment :
1) Product Development Award. This is the standard award that intends to support mid to large scale development projects
2) Technical Accelerator Award. The purpose of this award is to develop proof-of-concept or additional scientific results that can be used to support a future Product development Award application.

While the target disease areas and investment priorities are the same, the two Awards have below differences:

Product Development Award (PDA) Technical Accelerator Award (TAA)
Development stage Preclinical and onward Proof of concept *
Project duration Up to 36 months Up to 12 months
Project budget Up to 50% of total project cost, Up to 4 Bil. Korean Won Up to 500 mil. Korean Won
Call Frequency Once a year Twice a year

* Scientific verification of an innovative idea prior to a bigger development plan
2Where do I find the application forms and templates to apply to the RIGHT Fund?
All application forms can be access through our website.

You will be asked to register and create an account in our grant management system when you follow the link on the website.
3Can an applicant submit more than one application?
A project lead may only be listed on one application to this request for proposals. An entity may, however, submit multiple applications, provided if each proposal is led by different project leads and addressing different public health needs.
4Does the RIGHT Fund accept proposals in Korean?
No. Only proposals in English will be accepted.
5Will the selection process use a peer review or champion-based review in evaluating application?
The selection process consists of a panel of Expert Reviewers (ER) to identify and prioritize the most promising proposals before submission to a Selection Committee(SC). The SC will carry out in-depth reviews and discussions taking the ER’s comments into consideration followed by a recommendation to the Board of the Directors (BoD). The BoD of RIGHT Fund will make all final award and non-award decisions.
6Can I submit hard-copies and materials along with my full proposal application?
No. The RIGHT Fund cannot accept any supplementary materials submitted with proposals other than soft copies of additional information requested in the proposal template.
7How will I know if my proposal is approved for funding?
At the completion of the evaluation & approval process, RIGHT Fund staff will inform successful applicants of its investment decision. RIGHT Fund staff reserve the right to abstain from providing formal feedback to applicants receiving a non-award decision.
8Can applicants contact RIGHT Fund Selection Committee members directly?
The RIGHT Fund restricts communications between current and potential awardees and Selection Committee members and requests they refrain from queries, concerns, and requests related to RIGHT Fund and its processes. The RIGHT Fund management team will coordinate all communications among the parties. This is required to ensure and enhance organizational transparency and fairness in the decision-making process.
9Can the partnership resubmit its proposal, with or without modifications, after a non-award decision?
Proposals that are not awarded funding may be resubmitted in future funding rounds.
10(TAA specific) What does it mean that each project should end with a clear Go/No-go decision?
The purpose of the TAA is to support scientific verification of an innovative idea WITHIN a 1 year period and prior to entering into a larger development plan. Each project should have clear success criteria for such verification which serves as a checkpoint for further development.

Funding and Budget

1How are the project milestones and payout milestones decided?
The RIGHT Fund applies stage-gate funding to its awards. Project and payout milestones are mutually agreed upon and set by both the RIGHT Fund and applicant and finalized in the grant agreement.
2In what currency will the grant from RIGHT Fund be provided?
Budgets should be submitted in Korean Won (KRW, ₩). Currency for investment transactions will be discussed with each awardee.
3What is the maximum budget for awarded project?
  • For PDA: the maximum budget per project (over three years) is set at 4 billion Korean won (KRW). For late stage projects you must provide a plan to secure full funding to complete the project. The RIGHT Fund will only support up to 50% of the total project costs.
  • For TAA: the maximum budget per project (up to one year) is set at 500 million Korean won (KRW). No matching funds are required by the applicant.
4Do I require co-funding?
  • For PDA: Because the RIGHT Fund will only support up to 50% of the total project costs, you must provide a plan to secure full funding to complete the project.
  • For TAA: Only if the project requires more fund than our Maximum budget.
5As an awardee, what types of country approvals will I need in order to accept funding from the RIGHT Fund and when should I start this process?
Every country has different requirements for accepting foreign money and some countries require a formal approval. It is up to the awardees and their Institution to obtain any relevant approvals.
6I am an individual seeking financial assistance for my project, am I eligible for a grant from RIGHT Fund?
No. The RIGHT Fund does not provide support to individuals.
7I am raising money for a non-profit organization’s operations budget, am I eligible for a grant?
No. The RIGHT Fund only invests on R&D projects.
8What is the RIGHT Fund’s policy on indirect costs? (e.g. overhead)
For PDA: Indirect Cost Rates are subject to the following limitations:
  • Government Agencies, Other Private Foundations: 0%
  • Universities, Academic Institutes: 10%
  • Non-governmental organizations, Non-profit foundations, For-profit organizations: 15%

For TAA: Indirect and personnel cost are not claimable.
9Does the RIGHT Fund award scholarships?
No. The RIGHT Fund does not award scholarships.
10Do investment awards from the RIGHT Fund cover capital equipment?
No, the RIGHT Fund does not provide funding for capital equipment.


1What are the expected partner responsibilities?
Partner roles and responsibilities as they relate to project activities should be defined by applicants and included in proposals.
2Does the RIGHT Fund require contractual agreements between collaborating partners?
It may not be a requirement for the funding decision but if a project requires certain partnership from the beginning or in the course of the project, such contractual agreements can be set as project milestones. The RIGHT Fund reserves the right to retract our decision especially for a late stage project if full funding for the project can’t be secured before the start date of the project.

Intellectual Property

1How does the RIGHT Fund manage intellectual property issues?
Intellectual property and other access issues are addressed in the Global Access Policy of the RIGHT Fund website.


1Will awardees continue to undertake public engagement activities after securing the grant?
The RIGHT Fund may elect to highlight and showcase the work of awardees in certain instances.
2Who should I contact if I have a question?
General questions regarding the application can be directed to (email subject line: RFP-2020-Questions) or send a message through the grant management system with the same subject line